For 25 years now Palmers Relocations has been involved in our industry group AFRA – the Australian Furniture Removals Association.

As the peak governing body of our industry, it is important removal providers come together as a collective group to further our industry and promote best practice whilst collaborating together and sharing ideas. There is certainly no lack of experience within the group with some companies having traded within Australia for over 100 years and individuals involved for over 50 years.

The focus of the 2017 AFRA conference was on the chain of responsibility and changing of legislation. It can be quite daunting or your smaller providers who do not have the capacity to employ Quality Control personnel or Risk Managers. It’s always been perceived as a simple task removals, you pick up the furniture and you deliver it, simple you would think. The truth is however that with WH&S, Chain of responsibility and IR laws constantly being changed and critiqued, it is a hard pill to swallow for small businesses just trying “to get on with it”.

Our General Manager Kieran O’Hara, attending his 5th AFRA conference and already a senior figure in his own right, looked to take the positives of the social interaction between removal providers to improve our overall service offering. Speaking to Kieran on his experience, he opened up by stating “It’s important to promote the industry and work with providers of all sizes and business models. Especially in regional and growing cities, it is important to understand your partners. Where they have come from, where they are going and what they value in their business. This creates a relationship and understanding of one another and ensures our customers receive the same service standards regardless of location or circumstances”.

Reporting on the industry as a whole, Kieran responded “It’s tough out there for all businesses. Luckily the removals are a robust one and are not affected by fast changing business landscapes or technology but it is coming. Businesses need to look at their business models and markets to ensure they have sustained revenues and growth throughout the entire year rather than just during the summer months to survive the quiet months and downturn in business”.

One thing is clear to us at Palmers Relocations, AFRA members are still leading the way as the premium removal providers in our industry and represent more than just the collective. It represents and promotes quality moving in an industry open to any individual with a truck and cheap website.