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Our international relocation services to Singapore include:

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Moving To Singapore

Singapore is very different from many of its Asian neighbouring countries. For one, the water is drinkable and it is rated as one of the safest countries in the world along with first class medical facilities. Because Singapore cannot compete with neighbouring countries labour rates, they base their industries on chemicals, pharmaceutical, aerospace engineering, energy and environmental and water.

This is a key attraction to many Australian experts within these fields and looking to work for an industry leading provider where the government proactively invests in its companies to ensure it stays ahead of the world. Palmers Relocations has been moving families and individuals into Singapore now successfully for over 35 years.

Singapore is a truly unique city and has a number of distinctive and exciting landmarks such as The Gardens By The Bay and the Marina Bay Sands. When you move to Singapore you are moving to a bustling city state which is one of the great financial centres of modern Asia.

What Service Do I Need? Part Load Or Full Load?

At Palmers Relocations, we can relocate any size shipment from a single box of clothing up to a 40ft container of household goods. The most cost effective means of shipping items to Singapore is via a full container load.

A full container load will suit anyone who is moving a 1 bedroom fully furnished unit or larger. As a rule of thumb, once a shipment is the equivalent of more than half a 20ft shipping container (15 cubic metres), it Is best to relocate this directly rather than sending this as a share container.

Whilst this might sound strange, it is because the money you save through sending your goods on a combined shipment, is actually outweighed by the local duties and port Singapore place on shared consignments. The best way to find the most cost effective solution for your move, is to arrange for one a Palmers Relocations consultant to provide you with an obligation-free consultation. Call our friendly office staff now to arrange a suitable day and time to fit in with your diary.


Moving Motor Vehicles To Singapore

It is highly encouraged for you to NOT to transport vehicles into Singapore due to the high duty and registration fees associated with it. Should a motor vehicle or boat be transported to Singapore, it cannot be sold otherwise duties, even at a later date, will still apply.


Moving Personal Items To Singapore

Items that are packed by the person themselves attract far more attention than those packed by a removalist company. One of the additional layers of protection that using Palmers provides is that you are far less likely to have your items unravelled and inspected by border security.


Moving Your Boat To Singapore

Moving your boat to Singapore is actually quite similar with regards to the requirements to moving a car. Singapore’s quarantine will inspect your boat for botanicals that may need to be quarantined, so it’s best to clean your boat.

What Documentation Is Required?

When moving to Singapore, the correct documentation is paramount. Don’t worry, we at Palmers Relocations actually consign you with a single point of contact who will manage and lodge all documentation on your behalf.

As standard this documentation includes a copy of your passport (photograph and personal information pages), Declaration of Facts Form, Original Bill of Lading (completed by Palmers), a copy of your Employment Pass / Green Card (both sides), a Goods and Services Tax Relief form (GST0 as well as a Wine and Liquor Declaration form should you wish to transport alcohol.


How Long Will It Take To Move To Singapore?

The time it takes to get clearance when moving to Singapore is generally 5–7 working days if you are using a full container (Full Container Load = FCL). However, if you are sharing a container (Groupage = GRP), it should take 7–10 working days.

Specifics On Shipping To Singapore

A duty exemption will be given to goods if all documentation as requested above is in order. Goods should be in your possession and used for more than 3 months whilst in Australia to avoid duties. Shipment must be imported into Singapore within 6 months of your first arrival into Singapore otherwise it will be subject to 7% GST plus the Cost Insurance Freight (CIF).

If shipment arrives more than 6 months after client’s arrival into Singapore, shipment is subject to 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value. If you are unsure of anything to do with your removal to Singapore or shipping conditions simply call Palmers Relocations and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to run you through the motions.

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