International Value Add Services

Palmers offers extra services with our international relocations

Vehicle Transportation

Palmers Relocations makes moving your car, van, motorcycle or boat an easy process.

For relocations in Australia, we provide door to door relocations services and work closely with our partners to ensure your vehicle arrives safely and on time every time.

When relocating overseas, we manage the whole administration and relocation process for you. Our worldwide service partners will have your vehicle customs cleared and ready for collection and registration.

Our tailored and cost effective transportation solutions are the best in the industry offering peace of mind when moving your valuable possession.

Pet Relocation

We at Palmers Relocations view your pets like family and as such, go above and beyond to ensure they receive a smooth, happy and stress-free relocation.

We do this through provide a dedicated pet consultant who will hold your hand through the moving process and ensure your pet receives the best transportation experience possible.

This includes:

  • Pre-Travel Advice
  • Medical assessment both at collection and delivering
  • Offering the fastest and most direct flight to minimise transportation times
  • Fitting and measuring the right size crate for maximum comfort
  • 24/7 Support line
  • Pet Boarding Service (if required)
  • Collection and delivery utilising air conditioned vehicles by industry trained professionals

Currency Exchange

When relocating, one of the first things our clients do is look to set-up a bank account and establish a means of cash flow at their new destination.

When transferring funds between banks, the sad truth is you will most likely end up paying bank transfer fees and an exchange rate which may not be competitive with other market rates. Especially if you are dealing in a currency you may not be accustomed to.

At Palmers Relocations, we have partnered with OFX (https://www.ofx.com/en-au/) who offer many benefits and cost savings. It’s just another way we offer our clients a truly end-to-end relocation experience.

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