We are all lucky within the International Moving industry. Constantly travelling, meeting new people, interacting with our overseas partners and of course seeing new and exciting cultures. To not take advantage of this and learn from these experiences would be a shame.

In 2018, I travelled to the United Kingdom for the BAR conference. On this conference, I asked around about how other companies perceived the quality of the exports from Australia. All the companies agreed the quality was good, however, they hated handling the white traditional bubble type export wrap. The reason for this was the cost to then dispose of these materials being non-recyclable I agreed that this was an issue and something needed to be done but, how do you change something that has been utilised for more than fifty years in an already mature market

I was fortunate enough to meet with Andrew Simpson of Simpsons Packaging during the conference. I was amazed with some of the techniques they use to speed up the process of export wrapping such as utilising prefabricated covers for lounges, armchairs, mattresses, dining chairs and other items.

environmentally friendly

A container loaded using 100% environmentally materials

To do this however I had to both make a large financial commitment (a 40ft container of materials isn’t cheap) but I backed myself, placed the order and set about changing the way materials were perceived by my removal teams in Australia. It wasn’t easy, but I found that by providing my teams with no other alternative, they had no choice but to adapt and several weeks later after they got used to the new materials and wrapping methods, the plastic bubble wrap was a thing of the past.

Ecofriendly materials before loading

Furthermore, we found our private and corporate clients alike appreciated our environmentally conscious solutions as Palmers Relocations became the first Australian moving company to utilise 100% environmentally friendly materials. We are proud of this achievement as we continue to pioneer change within the Australian Market.

Our story is proof that there is both operational and financial benefits to becoming eco-friendly whilst leaving the world a better place for generations to come.

Kieran with his daughter protecting the next generation

Article originally published in Issue 19 of the GEM Network