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Moving house can be an extremely stressful event, especially when you’re not capable of doing a lot of the heavy lifting yourself. It’s important to put your removal in the hands of professionals and the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) recommends an array of good removalists who know how to minimise the risk of damage to your property and take due care, Palmers Relocations counts itself amongst that group of qualified and professional practitioners.

AFRA advise not to go ahead with any removal if you don’t have a contract and insurance in place before the move, we make sure you’ll hve both of those. Before you get to the contract you should get a written quote based on a survey of your home and contents though. You need to make sure the quote covers everything in your house and that the details are correct. Removalists either quote in hourly or cubic volume rates, we offer a volume based rate because it ensures that we are going to work as effectively as possible and give you the right estimate in terms of time. Hourly rates can often lead to removalists taking extra time just to increase their bill, or charging overtime if your move takes longer. Whichever agreement you choose it should be clearly stated on your documentation and Palmers always ensures this is the case.

It is not Australian law that removal companies carry insurance. In most cases you pack your belongings so removalists use this loophole to take no responsibility for your contents in the case of damage. In saying this all good removalists will offer you an insurance option and it’s no different with Palmers, we have insurance options to fit every situation.

Make sure you get a contents insurance policy which covers your belongings in transit and storage. We can also recommend a transit insurance policy which will cover the goods while they are being transferred between locations or kept in storage.


It’s always best to remember that you’re planning to come back to the stored items at some stage, and you will want them to be in the same perfect condition you left them in.

Palmers provides secure, safe and well maintained storage facilities to ensure there are no nasty surprises to greet you when you come to pick your stuff up. Don’t settle on a storage provider just because they are the closest or cheapest, choose the provider that will return your goods to you in the exact condition they were in when you first put them in storage.

There are many things to consider before making a selection:

  • Check to see if short-term or long-term storage is the best option for you. In our case we offer both and can easily switch you between the two plans. We also have a mobile storage option for you.
  • Take a look at the things you plan to put into storage and remember you’ll need to fit yourself inside with a little room to move around.
  • The best advice we can give you with storage though is label everything and store it in the reverse order of what you’ll need. There’s nothing worse than unpacking a whole storage box just to get to a single item.
  • Your self-storage option needs to have strong security measures, we have 24/7 surveillance and security, your possessions could not be safer.
  • You also need to be able to access your storage when you want and Palmers provides that facility.
  • Also consider the possibility of getting a storage unit that can fit further stuff if you need to add items.
  • Pest Control is a big component of any storage facility and Palmers takes this seriously by ensuring monthly full pest cleans and daily monitoring.
  • If you’re planning on storing a large amount we can provide you with a unit in the optimal position and with easy access for your chosen removal vehicle.

Palmers have been in the business for well over 25 years and you can trust us to guide you through all of the above considerations. We can assure your move is smooth, fast and efficient and we can assure your belongings are safer in any of our storage facilities than they are in your home. If you are looking for removals or storage, give us a call on 1300 363 916, open the chat window below or send us an email at operations@palmersrelocations.com.au.

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