A growing number of people, especially Australians, are moving abroad when they retire. Specifically, aspects such as housing and healthcare affordability and leisure will be mentioned as they are essential to consider for your retirement life. Here are the best places to retire, where you can enhance your life.


Picture of a landscape in France during daylight

France is conveniently located near many countries. Expats can travel easily to France because there are many budget-friendly flights from countries such as Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain. So, if you do move to France, you can still travel to other countries easily. Even houses in the rural areas of France are much more affordable than, for example, the United Kingdom, but even towards the city, you can find some great deals. Also, France has one of the best social security system, and you can simply secure a medical care that covers both public and private healthcare facilities, including doctors, medical professionals, hospitals and clinics. And of course, France is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing around its geographic, making it ten times better to live there.


Picture of beach in Mexico during daylight

Retiring in Mexico is very inexpensive, ranging from food to services, medical care and leisure activities, making the overall costs less than the majority of the countries. Mexico’s real estate is also very affordable whether it’s on the beach or near a mountain. Healthcare in Mexico has very high standards, from doctors, dentists, hospitals and other specialised medical services and have exceptionally affordable private services. They have an outstanding reputation in the healthcare industry, thus, placing retirees in a great advantage. Overall, Mexico has an affordable lifestyle and is a great option to consider for retirement.


Picture a landscape in Luxembourg at sunrise

Luxembourg is the wealthiest European country, per capita, and its citizens enjoy a high standard of living. Luxembourg has the world’s best GDP per capita. It has the highest minimum wage in Europe, too. With this central location, it’s much more comfortable to travel around and explore Europe just by living in Luxembourg. Many people from outside Europe have chosen Luxembourg as their foundation to live and travel. Their healthcare system is a bit costly but very successful and efficient. Luxembourg has a mandatory public health care system that provides healthcare coverage to over 95% of the population. If the public health insurance covers you, you are entitled to choose a hospital or a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.


Picture of a beach in Spain during daylight

Spain has the second-lowest overall cost of living in Europe. As for the accessibility of healthcare in Spain, you can have access to free medical care when you register as a citizen. Again, having access to free healthcare is a substantial benefit and offers great convenience. The price of housing in Spain is very affordable compared to other European countries, making it easy for you to find a home with spectacular views within your budget. Spain is also a safe place to live in. Spain is one of the few countries with low crime rates, giving you peace of mind all the time.


Picture of Mountains in Switzerland during daylight

Switzerland is not a common retirement location, as the cost of living is higher. So, it may not be the perfect location for retirees on a strict budget. However, for those who can afford it, Switzerland can be the perfect retirement destination that comes with many opportunities as well as breathtaking scenery. Switzerland is also known for being a safe and clean country. Healthcare is affordable and sufficient as insurance providers in Switzerland are nonprofit and government-approved to ensure that their services are affordable. Since the cost of living in Switzerland is quite high, housing prices are also high, and the majority of retirees rent properties instead of buying them.


Picture of a street in Portugal during daylight

Lease and food prices in Portugal are much lower than in many other parts of the globe, meaning that you have a high standard of living for not a lot of money. Because Portugal is still adjusting from a significant economic crisis, house prices are rising, however, are still affordable. Portugal also has one of the best social security systems in the world. Healthcare under Portugal’s national healthcare system is completely free for children under the age of 18 and people over the age of 65. Even if you are below 65 years of age, healthcare is still affordable anyways.


Picture of a canal in Italy during daylight

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, from the iconic pasta to the fascinating historic buildings. It would be beautiful to live there! The healthcare system in Italy is very inexpensive and of high quality, ranking among the top 10 in the world. The majority of the medical costs are covered, which means that there are no bills to pay from your pocket. The cost of living in Italy is quite reasonable despite Italy having a reputation for being an expensive place. It’s common for retirees to rent out first until they have a valid residence permit to purchase a house or property in Italy.

Costa Rica

Picture of a parrot in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s low cost of living and outstanding healthcare are vital benefits for retirees living on a limited income. Retired residents have both private and public health services available to them. Both solutions are affordable and offer modern equipment and highly qualified medical professionals. As a citizen, you will be required to join the public health system, which costs as little as $40-$50 a month. The private insurance which costs less than about $150 a month, will give you access to the best highly qualified doctors and hospitals across the country. Overall, Costa Rica has the cheapest cost of living from real estate, travel, medical care, food to entertainment, so you can expect to spend less than $4500 a month for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle in Costa Rica.