Valet Unpacking


Have you imagined moving without packing? Palmers Door-to-Door moving service with Valet Unpacking can make this dream a reality!







Valet Unpacking Service

At Palmer’s, we believe in making relocation a stress-free experience.

Our Valet Unpacking Service is for those seeking the next level. Valet Service Team are professionally trained and well organised women who ensure your home is pristinely cared for as all belongings are unpacked, organised, and neatly put away in correct locations. When you enter your new home, nothing needs unpacking or organising. Everything is done and you can sit down, relax and enjoy the rest of the day in your new home.

Valet Unpacking Service includes:

  • Cupboards, shelving, and surfaces wiped down before unpacking.
  • Kitchen items unpacked and neatly organised in cupboards
  • Clothes unpacked, folded and neatly organised in wardrobe
  • Beds are made, linen placed in wardrobe
  • Bathrooms set up with toiletries and towels
  • Cartons folded and prepared for collection

Depending on client requirements, our Valet Service Team can do full unpacking and organising service or can assist with the service and work alongside the owner if preferred.

Valet Premium Unpacking Service
move in ready
Valet Unpacking Service
Move in ready

What Added Value  Services do you offer?

Our Added Value Services offer everything you need to ensure positive moving experience for you and your family. While you enjoy beginning of your new chapter in life, our professional moving experts will take care of the rest. 

Icon Door to Door Removal Services

Door to Door Removal Services


We pack and move our local, interstate and overseas customers’ goods and personal effects through our network of offices and trained removals personnel.

We provide full removal service:
– moving organisation;
– professional packing service
– all fabric items such as lounges, mattresses and chairs are wrapped in brand new plastic coverings to ensure they remain clean during the moving process.
– we use double ply cardboard boxes to  protect goods and household items.
– careful packing of delicate and fragile items
– furniture dismantling and wrapping
– safe delivery ensuring goods are secured during transit
– delivery, unpacking and placing furniture as requested


Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Service


At Palmers Relocations we offer our clients home cleaning service to make sure previous place is left sparkling clean and ready for next occupiers. 

Our cleaning experts have professional cleaning equipment and products to ensure kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, living room and bedrooms are clean and will pass the exit cleaning checklist. 

Icon Wrapping Fabric Items

Transport Relocation Service


When moving, many clients along with household items also move some sort of vehicle, whether that is a car, motorcycle, boat or trailer. 
Our move experts will organise reliable and professional delivery service for your vehicle locally or interstate. 

For international moves,  Palmers  experts will assist with vehicle and necessary document preparation for customs and quarantine inspections to comply with Australian rules and regulations. 


International Money Transfer


Moving overseas can be stressful. There are many aspects to consider, plan and organise and most of them involve cost. 
At Palmers, we offer our clients International Money Transfer to help our clients save currency exchange rates for every payment made . 

Icon Storage Options

Short and Long-Term Storage Solutions


We provide a range of short and long term storage solutions through our range of storage containers suitable for removals of all sizes. These containers are loaded and sealed onsite, removing the need for double handling of your goods and safely stored in one of our Palmers owned storage facilities.

We also provide self-storage units and modules for long-term and short-term storage needs. 

valet service

Valet Unpacking Service


 Standard door-to-door removal service  upon delivery include:
– unwrapping furniture  and placing in the desired room and location of your new home.
– opening boxes
– removing boxes, wrapping. 

Valet Unpacking Service is the next level.
Valet Service ensure everything is done, so clients can come home and just relax. Service includes: 

  • Cupboards and shelving wiped and items
    packed away
  • Kitchen items unpacked and organised 
  • Clothes are neatly organised in wardrobe
  • Beds are made, linen placed in wardrobe
  • Bathrooms set up and organized
  • Cartons folded and prepared for collection

Pet Relocation Service


Our relocations experts are here to support and assist you with full door-to-door pet relocation services both within Australia and abroad. 

With over 30 years of experience, our pet relocation experts will ensure premium care for your pet during the transition to their new homes.

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Palmers Relocations have more than 40 years industry experience, have full-time employed and well-trained personnel, industry standard packing materials , long term accredited partners and network to ensure everlasting service quality and standards. 
Although, we have done everything to eliminate and mitigate risks, unfortunately, there are times when accidents happen and things do go wrong , therefore, we offer our clients opportunity to obtain an insurance to protect their goods. 

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