Moving to Perth

An Introduction to Perth

Popular for its food and beaches those moving to Perth will find a laid-back lifestyle and an incredible array of restaurants to choose from. Living in Perth can also be an affordable option compared to other parts of the country and the city and surrounding suburbs offer a wide selection of housing choices.

What to Expect When Moving to Perth?

When moving to Perth you can expect a slower pace of living with a focus around the beach and river as well as foodie past-times. Whilst it may not be as fast paced as other cities such as Sydney, you will find plenty to do and an array of sights to discover as well as the unique and welcoming neighbourhoods of Perth and their expat communities.

perth cbd and bridge over the swan river

Cost of Living When Moving to Perth

Those moving from Sydney to Perth may find that the cost of living in Perth may be slightly lower. Things such as grocery prices and rent prices in Perth can work out to be lower than in places such as Sydney however, restaurant prices remain around the same for those moving to Perth. Perth however, is not the cheapest city in Australia to move to so living costs should be considered carefully before moving to Perth.

Working in Perth

Whilst a great number of jobs in Perth are mining or hospitality-focused, those moving to Perth for work will find a number of other sectors within the area. Construction, education and healthcare are all thriving industries within Perth and offer a wealth of employment opportunities for those moving to Perth.

Best Places to Live in Perth

These are some of the most popular places to live for those looking to move to Perth.

  1. Willagee
  2. Embleton
  3. Kensington
  4. Bull Creek
  5. Murdoch
  6. Mount Pleasant
  7. Craigie
  8. Floreat
  9. Booragoon
  10. Heathridge
perth cbd lights reflecting on the swan river at night time

Top Things to Do in Perth

Check out our list of top things to do for those moving to Perth.

  1. Take in breath-taking views of Swan River and the Perth skyline at Kings prak and Botanic Garden.
  2. Discover the sights of Elizabeth Quay from an island playground to a range of bars and restaurants.
  3. Experience the eclectic lifestyle of Fremantle.
  4. Savour the tastes of Western Australia’s oldest wine region just minutes from the city.
  5. Explore Perth’s cultural centre.
  6. Snap a picture at the Instagram-famous Crawley Edge Boatshed.


aerial view of the swan river in perth

Palmers Relocations Services to Perth

Our local removals services to Perth include:

– Door-to-door removal services
– Dismantling and reassembling of furnishings
– Wrapping of all fabric items in brand new plastic coverings
– Use of full-time and trained Palmers personnel at both uplift and delivery
– Storage options for both short and long-term requirements
– Valet unpacking services, home cleaning services, car transportations, pet transportation & boarding services

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