Corporate Destination Services

Shorten downtime with Palmers office relocations.

Office Search

If you are moving at the end of your lease and need help finding a new location, Palmers can help. We help you to find the perfect area and office size for your needs.

We can help you search in Sydney, throughout Australia or even across the globe. Get advice through our comprehensive assistance program. By knowing and having a great relationship with many real estate agents, we can help you find a new office, with some options not even being listed on the market yet.

Once you have found your new office or shop front, we can help with applications and contracts to get the deal across the line. We work with you the whole way, providing you with constant assistance.

Settlement Services

It can be difficult moving to a new suburb, let alone a completely new city! That why we offer a great service which helps you get orientated with your new area.

There are a number of things we can help you adjust to

  • Helping to find local public transport hubs
  • Finding free or cheap parking
  • Locating local shops and eateries
  • Helping employees get settled
  • Providing you with information about local job search agencies and recruiters

Set Up Services

When you move business, one of the biggest issues you face is down time. Palmers will help limit down time by helping to set up your new office.

We can help set up your office space including dest set up, connecting phones, getting an internet connection, setting up computers and moving documents and filing.

We reduce downtime and get your office or business back up and running in the shortest time possible.

Family Services

Palmers provides services for families that are moving for work and business ventures. We offer a variety of moving types including interstate and international moves.

If you are a moving your business or moving with the company you are employed with then we have a number of value add services that we offer. To find out more about our value ad services click the link below.