In Australia, the Dangerous Goods Act 1985 outlines different goods that can’t be moved. These apply to both removals’ companies such as us, or any individual if they decided to carry out a move by themselves. Many of the goods restricted under these laws are those that must be transported in special vehicles, or simply items that must be kept in a single location at all times for safety purposes.

At Palmers Relocations, we pride ourselves in being the best at what we do. We specialise in relocations in Australia and Overseas for more than 40 years. Palmers Relocations employ teams of experienced relocation professionals and ensure that all our vehicles are equipped appropriately to transport your goods.

Overall, this makes our services an extremely safe and reliable way to relocate your goods to a different location. However, there are dangerous goods that can’t be moved across any distance due to legal reasons.

Below we have outlined the goods that can’t be moved under this act, and therefore goods that can’t be moved as part of our relocation services:

Prohibited Goods

Plant and Animal Products

Many animal and plant products cannot be transported due to international quarantine laws. On top of this, many of these goods are restricted by quarantine regulations in Australia, which are notorious for being some of the strictest anywhere in the world!

Explosives, Combustibles and other Hazardous Goods

There are various explosives, combustibles and other hazardous goods that are too dangerous to transport. These goods can only be transported by officially licenced organisations within the government and likewise in specially designed transport vehicles. Because of this, the following goods are prohibited from being moved:

  • Fertilisers
  • Fuel
  • Pool chemicals
  • Paints and paint thinners
  • Weedkillers
  • Household cleaning products
  • Car batteries
  • Methylated spirits

Goods that require special attention or preparation

Sharp Objects

Sharp objects, including knives and garden tools, can be transported by a relocation company such as ourselves. The goods in question must be appropriately secured and wrapped so that they cannot damage or cause any harm during the relocation process. Fortunately, Palmers Relocations offer a fantastic service where we wrap and secure these goods, helping you to ensure that all your possessions are secured adequately.

Gas Bottles

Gas Bottles can be moved as part of a relocation services given that have been completely emptied and they are packaged securely. Furthermore, these bottles must be certified as empty by a registered Gas Specialist before transportation.


Liquids can be transported as and when needed. However, should be covered, wrapped and secured as well as possible to ensure that no loose glass is found within your goods from broken bottles. Also to ensure that none of the liquids in question leak and ruin any of the other goods within your move.

Gardening Equipment and other Motorized Goods

Gardening equipment and motorised tools such as a lawnmower can be moved as part of our relocation services. However, must have al fuel removed as this falls under the explosive goods mentioned earlier. Furthermore, we recommend that the blades of such a piece of equipment are wrapped and secured appropriately.

Please click this link for a detailed breakdown of what goods can and can’t be moved as part of our relocation services according to the law: https://afra.com.au/moving_tips/view/3

If you have any other questions about what can and cannot be transported as part of our relocation services, please feel free to contact us by email or by telephone 1300 363 916