Country Moving Guides

Moving to the UK

Move to the UK with Palmers International Relocations, trust in the experience and professionalism of Palmers when moving to the UK from Australia.

Moving to Ireland

Australia to Ireland – Ireland to Australia. Learn more about this well-travelled route and how Palmers can help you have an effective and efficient move either to or from Ireland.

Moving to France

Thinking of moving to France? Find out important information about moving to one of Europe’s most famous and largest countries.

Moving to the USA

If your moving to the United States Of America, there is a bunch of information that you may need to make your move successful regardless of the city you are moving to.

Moving to Germany

Shipping out to Germany? A wonderful and progressive place to live, Germany is one of the great European superpowers making it a great place to live.

Moving to Japan

Are you planning on moving to japan? Japan is a truly wonderful country with a very different culture and exciting opportunities for expats who enjoy new experiences.

Moving to Spain

When moving to Spain, there are a number of things you need to consider. This sunny European country can be a great destination for expats.

Moving to Scotland

Scotland is a country that many Australians choose to move to, which is why we have a handy guide for relocating to Scotland.

Moving to Australia

Are you moving from abroad to Australia? We can help you relocate to our home country from anywhere in the world! Get settled in Australia with Palmers.

Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is beautiful place and has a very close relationship with Australia. Find out about international moves to NZ and how Palmers can help you!

Moving to Singapore

The island city-state of Singapore is a popular expat destination, especially in the banking and finance world. Learn how Palmers can help make your move easy.

Moving to the UAE

Moving to the United Arab Emirates? The UAE is vastly different from Australia and there are important things you must know before you move.

Moving to India

India is an extremely dense place and can make for an interesting lifestyle. Palmers can make your move to India a reality with our expert removalists and international connections.

Moving to Canada

Learn how Palmers can help you with your Canadian move with our expert movers providing a great service to one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

Moving to China

Planning on moving to China? Known for its mega cities and vast population, China is a popular destination for many expats looking to be involved in a growing economy.

Moving to Italy

Italy is an extremely popular tourist destination, but is also a popular destination for expats. Learn more about moving to wonderful Italy.

Moving to England

England is connected to Australia, which is why many choose to move back and fourth between the two countries. Read about England relocations here.