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Our international relocation services to the UK include:

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Moving To The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) and Australia have always had a unique relationship ever since Captain cook arrived at our shores. These days we move just as many ex-pats to the UK a we do from the UK.

From legal practitioners to finance professionals and families now returning home, you can rest assured that we at Palmers Relocations have all areas of the United Kingdom covered. This includes London, Leeds, Cardiff, Plymouth, Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Belfast and everywhere in between. from Cardiff to Glasgow, London to Liverpool, Exeter to Edinburgh, Northern Ireland and all areas in between.

With over 400,000 Australian born ex-pats living in the United Kingdom at present, you can see why it is critical to move with a provider who understands the United Kingdom and how to freight your goods from Australia to the UK. Palmers Relocations understands moving to the UK.

What Service Do I Need? Part Load Or Full Load?

This really depends on your situation. At Palmers, we can relocate any size shipment from a single box of clothing up to a 40ft container of household goods and cars.

Because of the recent Brexit vote, there has been many changes in the importing and customs clearance process in the United Kingdom. At Palmers Relocations, we provide a full up-front cost for your relocation to the UK. This will cover all costs associated with the move both in the UK & Australia allowing you to budget for your move in confidence.

Full Container Load (FCL) – This suits anyone who is moving a 2 bedroom or larger shipment and/or a car and furniture to the UK. As a rule of thumb, once a shipment is the equivalent of more than half a container (20 cubic metres), it Is best to relocate via an FCL rather than a shared container.

Whilst this might sound strange, it is because the money you do save through combining shipping costs is actually outweighed by the UK customs, haulage and clearance fees. The best way to find the most cost effective solution for your move is to arrange for a Palmers Relocations consultant to provide you with an obligation-free in-home move survey.

Groupage (shared consignments) – Refers to a shipment of multiple consignments within the one shipping container bound for the UK. Because the United Kingdom is home to Australia’s largest expat community, we send combined shipments (groupage) every 3-4 weeks to the port of Tilbury UK where it is then cleared by customs and delivered to your residence shortly afterward.


Moving Motor Vehicles To The United Kingdom

At Palmers Relocations, 1 in every 6 of our clients move at least one motor vehicle with them to the UK. We relocate to the UK over 500 vehicles, boats and motorcycles each year.

Cars can be imported in duty free on the condition it is not under any form of finance agreement, has been owned by the importer for over 12 months and also cannot be disposed of within 12 months or being imported otherwise VAT fees will apply.

The process of moving Motor vehicles is made easy with Palmers Relocations. You simply deliver your vehicle to one of our depots, or alternatively we can collect it, remove the number plates to drop back to the RTA, provide registration and proof of ownership of the vehicle and we will do the rest. Just remember to clean the car inside and out beforehand to avoid unwanted quarantine cleaning fees. We will then transport and clear your vehicle through customs ready to be registered at your local DVLA branch.


Moving Personal Items To The UK

Getting your goods packed by a certified moving company like Palmers has advantages at border security. Self-packed items are checked more rigorously, and this often involves customs unpacking your goods, handling them, and re-packing them themselves. We know that their level of care is rarely the same as your own or a professional company.


Moving Your Boat To The UK

Moving a boat overseas is a surprisingly similar process to moving a car. However, there are differing considerations with regards to checking the boat for marine species that must be quarantined in order to prevent their introduction into British waters. that’s why, it is best to clean your boat before doing this.


What Documentation Is Required?

When moving to UK, we at Palmers Relocations will allocate you and your family a single point of contact for the full duration of your move.

Your move manager will guide you through the simple paperwork required, its simple…. We promise.

This includes managing and lodging the UK C3 customs form, bill of lading and inventory documentation on your behalf. It’s just one of the ways in which we at Palmers Relocation make your move an experience, not just a removal.


Will I Need To Pay Duty/GST On My Shipment

If you are on a work visa, other form of sponsorship or simply returning to UK, your personal effects and household goods will be free of VAT fees as long as they have been owned for more than 12 months originally purchased by you within the United Kingdom. There are particular items however which do attract duties, this includes fur skins, radio transmitters, rough diamonds and food products.


Moving A Pet To The United Kingdom

We love our pets; they are more than just our best friends but our family too. This is why families more and more are moving their pets with them when relocating to the United Kingdom. At Palmers Relocations we offer multiple solutions for moving your pets. We simply need the weight, breed and pick-up and destination location and we can organise the rest for you.

Why not let Palmers share our pet moving service experience with you by offering a one-stop service provider for your relocation to the UK

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