Moving Home With Kids In Sydney

Packing up and moving into a new home is an overwhelming process for families of all size, big and small. All children deal with moving to a new area in different ways. Some children are filled with excitement and others with fear and uncertainty. To help them adjust to their new home and to make the day of the moving day as stress free as possible, we’ve put through a comprehensive guide for Sydney families who are moving home with children.

Leading Up To The Big Day

It’s important to stay positive and excited about moving. If you and your partner are stressing out about moving in front of your kids this will affect their attitude as well. Try and stay positive and include your kids in the move by giving them small responsibilities to keep them interested and giving them a sense of involvement which will make them feel part of the team rather than being put to the side. Make sure they know everything about when and where you are moving by answering any questions they have about the move. If you are moving interstate or internationally they may be uneasy to the idea of being away from their friends. Focus on telling them about the fun places near your new home such as parks, playgrounds, beaches and activity centres.

Before the big day, take your kids to their new neighbourhood for a day out in the community. Try to get them excited about their new suburb and if possible, give them a tour of the new house, showing them their new bedrooms and backyard. The more familiar they become early in the process, the easier it will be to adjust down the track.

Be sure to give them a good chance to say goodbye to their friends if you are moving a fair way away. Arrange a small party or get together so you can get their friends contact information from their parents so they can stay in touch if they have trouble adjusting to their new neighbourhood. Ensure to un-enrol your kids from their current school or day care and seek out vacancies at your new neighbourhoods school well in advance of the move.

Moving Day With The Kids

If possible, it would be ideal to ask the kids grandparents or aunty and uncle to take care of them for the day, but often times it’s not possible. If your kids are with you on moving day, it’s vital to give them small responsibilities to ensure that they stay out of the way of the moving of heavy furniture and delicate items.

Depending on their age, give them a single job to focus on for the day. For example, a family we helped move in Sydney recently, put their youngest in charge of keeping the family dog out of the way, making sure that he stayed in the backyard and his water was always full. He spent the morning playing with the dog and felt like he was playing an important role in the move, and truthfully he was, that dog was huge.

When packing away your childrens belongings, keep their favourite toys and DVD’s to the side and have them in the backseat of the family car for the drive. The more distractions they have the easier the day will be for you and the removalist team. By hiring a professional removal team to pack your belongings, you can afford to drive to your new home early in the day with your kids and let them settle into the new place, giving them time to calm down before your furniture and belongings arrive.

Settling Into Your New Home With Your Kids

When settling into a new environment, your children may become more attached to you. This is normal. Moving can be scary for the young ones. Try and stay on schedule just like before the move, keeping their bed times the same as usual.

In regards to unpacking, your removalists will unpack your large and bulky items carefully, leaving just the smaller items for you and the kids to put away. Make sure you and your partner take care of all the sharp and dangerous objects throughout the kitchen and laundry, leaving just smaller boxes of toys or DVD’s for the children to unpack so they don’t feel excluded from the unpacking process.

Moving day doesn’t have to be a stressful day for the family. By following our simple guide, the big day has potential to be fun and exciting for your kids and be remembered for a long time. The main factor which leads to a stress free move is hiring the right removalist who can move pack, move and unpack your belongings in a prompt and professional manner. Here at palmers we have over 35 years of experience as a family owned business who has helped countless families move locally, interstate and internationally. For a free quote on your move, give us a call on 1300 363 916 today or head over to our easy-to-use quote form at your convenience.