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Extra services provided by Palmers Relocations In Australia

Vehicle Transportation

Palmers Relocations offers a great value add service, providing vehicle transportation for cars, motor bikes, boats and vans.

We can help move your vehicle across long distances, providing a door to door transporting service that see your vehicle arrive safely every time.

When you are relocating across country, we can help navigate the entire relocation and administration process for you.

Our transportation solutions are tailored to your needs while also being cost effective. Therefore, make sure you choose the best in the business for your vehicle move throughout Australia.

Pet Relocations

Palmers is here for when you need help moving your pets throughout Australia with our pet moving services.

We understand that a pet can be like an extension of the family which is why we take extra care when moving your pet over long distances.

Having moved many pets over the years, our team knows how to handle all different kinds of pets from dogs and cats to fish tanks.

Our pet moving services include:

  • Pre-moving care and advice
  • Medical assessment before and after the move
  • Fast moving times to minimise time in transit
  • Complete measuring for transportation pen
  • 24/7 support
  • Boarding services for your pet
  • Food and proper care whilst in transit


Valet Unpacking and Home Preparation

There is a lot more that goes into moving a home (and establishing a new one ) than simply the removal.

At Palmers, we have a long history & partnership in place with Alesa Watt and the team at “I Need You”.

Whether you need decluttering, home preparation, valet unpacking or home styling, the team at “I Need You” are there to help you every step of the way.

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