Moving to Australia

An Introduction to Australia

Known for its fantastic wildlife and beaches, Australia is an exceptionally large country with something different to offer in every corner. With some areas getting more snow than Switzerland and summer temperatures hitting over 40 degrees in others, those moving to Australia will always find something new and exciting to experience and discover. Since moving to Australia themselves in the 1970’s, the Palmers family have been helping others move to Australia with trustworthy, cost-effective shipping to Australia for household goods, cars, pets and more.

What to Expect When Moving to Australia

Those relocating to Australia will find a welcoming, proud nation with a thriving economy and job market. Almost 90% of Australia’s population live in cities which makes for a vibrant cosmopolitan scene in many of the nation’s popular cities. However, Australia also offers some fantastic destinations away from the cities with over 500 national parks to enjoy. Workers rights in Australia are also some of the best in the world with one of the highest minimum wages in the world and the nation also boasts fantastic schooling and recreational facilities meaning it is a great place to move to for those moving alone or with a family.

Blue Mountains NSW in Australia

What Documentation is Required When Moving to Australia?

When relocating to Australia, whether you are moving to Australia for a year or moving permanently, it is important that you follow strict Australia emigration requirements to the letter. Our team at Palmers Relocations will assign you a personal Move Manager to advise you on every aspect of your move to Australia. They will be able to advise you on any documentation you may need in order to conduct your Australia relocation whether you are moving to Australia from the UK, moving to Australia from NZ, moving to Australia from the USA or from any other country in the world. Your Move Manager will submit any customs or immigration forms on your behalf to make moving to Australia a breeze. Typically, when moving to Australia, you will need your passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver’s licence and any academic certificates or transcripts you might need to prove your qualifications to your new employer when moving to Australia to work.

Climate in Australia

As an extremely large country comparable to the size of Europe, the weather in Australia varies according to where you are. Those moving to the south-east and south-west corners of Australia will find a temperate climate and moderately fertile soil whilst those moving to the northern part of the country will find a tropical climate which varies between grasslands and desert. Northern parts of Australia tend to have hot, humid summers and warm dry winters whilst those in the south will experience mild summers with often wet winters. December and January are usually the warmest months of the year in Australia and those thinking of moving to Australia should pay close attention to protecting themselves from the sun in these warmer months. July and August tend to be the coldest months in Australia.



Cost of Living When Moving to Australia

Depending on where you moving to Australia from and where you will be moving to, you may have a different experience of the cost of living. For example, those moving to the ACT may find the cost of living to be much lower than other parts of Australia. Those moving to Australia from the UK may find that the cost of living is slightly higher on average, as will those moving to Australia from the USA. However, wages tend to be higher to reflect this so it is worth estimating what your outgoings and wages would be on average when relocating to Australia

Working in Australia

If you are planning on moving to Australia to work, it is important to check Australia emigration requirements and ensure that you hold the right type of visa to allow you to work upon moving to Australia. Those moving to Australia to work will need to meet certain criteria in order to get a visa for working in Australia. These criteria include things such as being classed as a ‘skilled worker’ or highly specialised worker, a working holidaymaker, an investor or successful business person, working in Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry or other limited criteria. Having a sponsor for your Australian working visa application when relocating to Australia can also help aid your success. You may also need to prove proficiency in English or that you have enough money to support yourself whilst living in Australia.

Healthcare in Australia

Healthcare in Australia is some of the best in the world with a well-developed healthcare system providing fantastic health services to those who need them. The public Australian healthcare system can be accessed for free or at a lower cost for Australian citizens through the tax-funded system, Medicare. Private healthcare facilities are also available at a cost. Those moving to Australia on a permanent visa can access public healthcare as an Australian citizen after a 104 week waiting period whilst most visa holders choose to take out

private health insurance to cover any healthcare they may require as they may not be covered under Medicare.

Best Places to Live in Australia:

Below is a list of the best cities to live and work Australia based on everything from working in Australia to house prices.

  1. Adelaide
  2. Brisbane
  3. Canberra
  4. Hobart
  5. Melbourne
  6. Perth
  7. Sydney
  8. Byron Bay
  9. Wollongong
  10. Geelong



Top Things to Do in Australia

If you are moving to Australia, here are just a few of the incredible sights you can visit.

  1. Learn to surf at Bondi Beach
  2. Visit the unusual beehive domes of Bungle Bungle Range at Purnululu National Park
  3. Watch turtles hatch in Queensland
  4. Drive the Great Ocean Road
  5. Explore the world’s oldest rainforest, Daintree Rainforest
  6. Walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge
  7. Hit the ski slopes in the Great Dividing Range, the third-longest land-based mountain range in the world
  8. Fly over Lake Eyre during a flood to view the largest and most intriguing lake in Australia
Bondie Beach in Sydney Australia

Palmers Relocations Services to Australia

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