Of course, there are a lot of reasons that you might want to move to The United States. We narrowed to the only top 10 reasons. It’s common for people to move for a job opportunity, a loved one, or simply because they dream of living in America. The United States has a strong history of greeting people of all backgrounds and cultures and is an excellent place for people who want to live outside their home country. The USA is a land of opportunity you can’t miss out on, so here are the top ten reasons to move to the USA and live the American Dream!

Satellite picture of lights in the USA at night


According to one study in the Lancet in 2007, American women have a 63% chance of surviving at least five years after a cancer diagnosis, compared to 56% for European women. It’s 66% for American men compared to 47% for European men. American university hospitals are leading the world in research and development. From life-saving medications developed by U.S. industries to procedures like heart stents, many of the world’s newest medications and technologies are being developed in America and benefitting society.


The quality of education in the United States is so strong. You can be assured that your child will receive significant education and acknowledged worldwide qualifications. The American college system is also world-renowned if your children are older, or maybe if you would like to pursue education. 13 to 15 American colleges and universities are ranked among the top 20 in the world, according to popular international rankings. Along with that, America stands out from other countries in extracurricular activities such as athletics and summer camps that equip children with skills for life outside of school.


Americans celebrate other holidays as well as Christmas, Easter and New Year. The biggest of those is the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Independence Day, but there is so much more. Typically, these holidays are spent eating homemade food with family and friends. America is known to have the best and most public holidays celebrated.

Career Opportunities

People move to the United States for career opportunities. As of May 2017, America’s unemployment rate was only 4.3%. The United States also consistently ranks for the efficiency of the workforce in the world’s top five countries. It is very popular for employers to look around the world for the most talented and the best way to improve their business. If you have an essential skill a U.S. company needs, they will assist in whatever way they can, from arranging visas to helping you find a place to live. From then on, if you exemplify excellent work skills and ethics and continue to demonstrate your skills, your career can flourish. But whichever your field of expertise is, you will undoubtedly find more than enough opportunities to expand your experience in the area and advance your career.

Travel Opportunities

The USA is packed with travelling opportunities, and you can visit so many different places and states without even leaving the United States itself. Whether you want to spend time exploring the snowy mountains during the winter or swimming with marine animals during the summer, it’s all in one country. You are always going to discover plenty of places to spend your free time, even if you want to go to Disneyland.

Beautiful Scenery

No doubt, America has one of the best natural scenery and landscapes. There are so many breathtaking destinations in the United States to visit, from Alaska and Arizona to Maine and New York. Every day, you will wake up to a beautiful view, even on your way to work or school.

Strong Economy

The United States ranks ninth internationally in GDP per capita and sixth in GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP). The U.S. dollar is the primary reserve currency in the world, a certain symbol of stability and value. A study of all OECD countries found that Americans are earning the world’s highest average household income. America is also ranked first in a Global Food Security Index for food affordability and security. The USA is surprisingly inexpensive overall. Expats would undoubtedly find a drastic reduction in their food, fuel bills and even the cost of housing.

Cultural Diversity

America is a mixture of different cultures coming together. This is due to the outcome of the country’s mass migration, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Immigration remains high, with 1.3 million foreign-born people moving to the United States in 2014. This makes the USA a fascinating place to live in, where in the form of food, art and festivals, you can encounter other cultures right on your doorstep. So you can see, America is home to the tourist, which is highly diverse in terms of its population.


When it’s winter, it’s snowing. When it’s summer, it’s always perfect for a swim and a rainy day will unlikely occur and ruin your plans. Would you like to top up your Christmas tan? Head more to the south. Or if it’s snow that makes you all happy, head more to the north. America has all the different climates you need. There will be somewhere in America that has the perfect climate and with everything from snow-capped peaks to warm parched deserts. Some countries have four distinct seasons, but if you want to enjoy the sun all year round, stay in South California or Florida.

Culinary Heaven

America is most undoubtedly a country that takes confidence and pride in its food and sees as an opportunity for culinary exploration, even breakfast. America’s national dishes may seem simple, but it’s an achievement few other countries have mastered to create the perfect hamburger and fries or macaroni cheese. The USA also has the top customer service you will ever see. Well-managed employees are always delighted with speedy service and a smile to meet every one of your needs and wishes.