While it may seem like a cheap and easy option, moving all of your furniture yourself when moving home could prove to be a difficult and possibly dangerous task.

In our opinion, you can’t beat the reliability and experience of professional removalists, and here’s why:


Select your insurance

First thing’s first, professional removalists are covered by workplace insurance. If something goes wrong during the move, due to carrying an awkward or heavy item, you are not liable for any damages or compensation. This may not be the case if you, a family member or a friend who may be helping you out is injured in the moving process.
Accidents can happen when moving large items, especially under stress and deadlines. Make sure you aren’t liable if the worse is to happen and hire a fully covered professional.


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Professional removalists are exactly that, professional removalists, they move and store heavy and delicate items for a living and have a plethora of experience. What may take you and the family or a few mates the entire day can take a pair of professional removalists just a couple of hours.

Instead of making four trips with the car, let the removalists take one trip, with all your precious items properly restrained to avoid damage.
While professional removalists are packing and transporting your items, you give yourself time to take care of any last minute duties such as getting the new place ready for unpacking, introducing yourself to your new neighbours, and saying farewell to the old ones.

The more time you have, the better, as unexpected issues and delays may occur. Let the removalists take care of the nitty gritty, and you can focus on the move itself.


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A lot of furniture and household items are heavy and awkward to lift and carry. These large items, while hard to move for you and I, are part of daily life for a professional removalist. Save yourself from unnecessary and back pains, moving houses is stressful enough.

Furniture Assembly

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This comes in handy if you have beds that need to be taken apart and then assembled at your new place. Your removalists will take care of the tedious task of re-assembling all of your complex furniture, Allen Keys and all, giving you time to take care of other responsibilities and smaller items.

Professional Packing

Professional packing services

Removalists use suitable packing materials that are designed for storage and transportation of your belongings. As well as this, removalists have experience moving all sorts of household items and can correctly judge how to store them for safe transportation. As well as having the right protection, removalists can also securely strap your items down to avoid any falls, preventing any breakage during transit.


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