Relocating vehicles is a very easy process and saves you the hassle of having to sell and buy again at your new destination. With rising fuel prices, the constant battle for radio reception and the dreaded “toilet stops” relocating your vehicle with Palmers Relocations is often a no brainer.

Here are a few things to know regarding vehicle transportation within Australia:

  • Vehicles need to be completely empty. You cannot use your vehicle as a storage method for HHG (Household Goods) or PE (Personal Effects). A baby seat will suffice however all other compartments must be emptied upon collection
  • All Electronic tags (E Tags) must be removed from display on the vehicle. E Tags can pick up signals in vehicles even if they are hidden. This will avoid any unnecessary charges during the transport of your vehicle.
  • A Condition report will be carried out by our professional vehicle carrier upon collection. This is to insure your vehicle arrives to your destination in the exact same condition as it was when collected.
  • The same quarantine laws apply to your car as well as your personal effects when going into certain states such as fruits and dirt. Please ensure to check these requirements prior to sending your vehicle
  • Your vehicle is insured during the relocation however we suggest you view the terms and conditions prior to transportation.
  • Vehicles need to be running and in good working order and in most cases registered to be transported. For any special requirements, we suggest you contact our office to discuss your individual requirements.