Stress Free Moving Home In Sydney: Decluttering


There’s a little hoarder living inside of everyone and it is evident in the growing number of old and broken things that have accumulated in our garages and attics. But come moving time, sorting through all that clutter can add to the stress of packing and relocating. Hence, decluttering way before the moving date can ease some of the stress that comes with moving house Sydney.

Here are a few tips you can do to make decluttering a whole lot easier before moving day arrives:

One step at a time
It’s much better to start decluttering at least a month before you put your house in the market, than to cram two weeks before the date of your move. It not only spares you the stress, it also allows you to think lucidly so you don’t bring just as much junk to your new home. The best way to declutter early is to do it by increments.

Start with the obvious
Dispose broken items, old equipment (you can always buy a new one when you move to your new house), rarely used tools, and junk drawer items.

Organise files
Go through your drawer and file cabinets. You’ll be surprised with how much junk you have accumulated through the years! If you’re hesitant to throw away certain receipts, remember this rule of thumb: Receipts, bank statements and tax forms which are 7 years or older are no longer required for accounting purposes.

Get some help
With all the stuff you have accumulated throughout the years, it’s difficult to sort out the useful ones from the garbage. Get a friend to help you in the sorting process. Your friend can help you decide by giving you advice and suggestions as to what to keep and dispose of.

Consider renting storage
There will always be stuff you can’t give away. An old vintage chair may not have a place in your new house, but you might have difficulty in letting it go since it’s an heirloom from your grandmother. A good option would be renting a storage facility to keep large items you can’t bring to your new home, but can’t dispose of. Palmers Relocations offer secure home and office storage solutions that will suit your needs.

In addition to decluttering, hiring a reputable home relocation specialist to assist you on your move can guarantee you a stress-free moving day. Choose a company with a proven track record (check references and reviews, if you may), an appropriate insurance, and uniformed and professional staff who’ll handle your things with utmost care.

Palmers Relocation ensures that you will leave with a smile, and arrive in style. They take great pride in being the home and office removalists Sydney trusts.