Tips For Storing Your Furniture In A Storage Facility

Acknowledging that your apartment can’t hold everything is an inevitable part of your relocation experience. Even on the most meticulous moving day, people will often arrive with more stuff than they can fit in their new home. The good news is, there’s always a solution for everything. One such solution is renting a space in a storage facility.

Storage facilities are ideal, especially if you’re only renting your new home for the interim and you need a storage space to put your other items in. They can accommodate pieces of furniture that don’t go with your current homes decor or are just too big to fit in your rooms.

There are a few things you need to do, however, to make sure that your items are fully protected and preserved, even when they are stored away in a secure storage rental facility:

  • Keep your goods clean. Moisture, dirt, particles and debris can ruin the otherwise pristine condition of your furniture and other household items. Hence, it is important to have them clean and moisture-free before packing them into storage.

  • Dismantle for more efficient storage. When possible, disassemble tables and other pieces of furniture to save storage space especially if you plan on storing a lot of items.
  • Cover and protect your furniture and items. Small household items should be kept in labeled boxes, while larger items such as furniture should be covered in suitable casings, such as blankets.
    For dismantled furniture, wrap each piece with soft materials so you can store them safely. Palmers Relocations offer a wide range of packaging materials to cover and protect your furniture and other important household items. Choose from bubble wrap, storage blankets and numerous other cover options.

  • Factor in air flow and access when calculating storage space. Allotting space between furniture and items allows air to circulate around them, thus protecting your items from deterioration due to humidity, in our warmer months. Allow Palmers Relocations Cubic Storage calculator to give you an accurate estimate of how much storage space you’ll need.

It’s also important to note that not all storage facilities automatically include insurance policies for your items stored. It is best to ask the storage service provider first, if all items are covered by any insurance before moving the items into storage.