Moving house is consistently reported as one of the most stressful moments in people’s lives. Packing everything, moving it without damage and then unpacking it all is hard enough, when you throw in changing addresses for all your bills and contacts, cleaning the old house and making sure you haven’t forgotten anything it gets even more stressful.

To top it all off you have to accomplish all those things while trying to maintain your daily routine. Due to all these stressors many people decide to choose a professional to take care of the difficult moving process.

We’ve been moving families for several generations and we’ve learnt a few things in the process. Here are the main reasons we think Palmers is your best option to get quickly, safely and efficiently moved into your new home or office location be it in Sydney, NSW, Australia or anywhere in the world.

it’s a family owned business

With Palmers Relocations being a family business for over 35 years, it certainly gives it that family and personal feel when moving. All our customers tell us that they felt like part of the family and that they were comfortable trusting us with their valuable and often irreplaceable possessions. We now have the second generation of Palmers coming into the business so you know that the industry leading level of service will continue.

Customers are drawn to us because the Palmers brothers are still heavily involved in the business. Greg most notably conducts surveys for customers on a daily basis. By having the owners at the face of the business, Palmers can ensure that it knows what customers want and keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies for moving people safely and efficiently. It also gives the whole process more of a personal touch as you are dealing with one of the founders of the business.

It is rare to get such close contact with the director of a large business but it’s one of the things that we think sets Palmers apart. From the first contact with Palmers, you know that you are dealing with a company that prides itself on fantastic service, whether that being over the phone, email or face to face.

You want quality service? We got it

Our removalists are all full-time with some having been with our company for over 20 years. With full-time removalists on the job, you know that you will be looked after throughout the move – door (packing and removal) to door service (delivery and unpack). On top of the rigorous qualifications set by the industry all our removalists also have to pass our own internal tests and certifications. Our removalists are all part of the Palmers family and that’s why they work so hard for the business.

They all have different qualities that can accommodate your move such as packing, dismantling/assembling, unpacking and ensuring that all household goods fit perfectly into our containers. We also provide:

  • Piano Relocation
  • Carton Supply & Pick-up
  • House Cleaning
  • Valet Unpack Service
  • Vehicle & Pet Transport Services

Many customers refer us to their friends, family, and work associates simply on the fact that we have full-time staff and that the service is quality from door to door. We really can make your move stress-free and our team at Palmers is always happy to assist.

We cover all storage needs

We are one of the only Relocation companies that can provide a number of storage options. You can access your secure storage 7 days/week.

As well as our onsite storage units, we also have storage modules and containers. Most recently we’ve added our popular new mobile storage business – Sydney Mobile Storage. This is a trailable storage solution, where we will drive the trailer to you, you pack it and then we come and pick it up and store it. It’s simple and easy and can fit about the contents of a one bedroom apartment. For larger homes we can provide 2 SMS trailers for storage.

Another reason why you should choose SMS as your preferred mobile storage option is that our trailers are not covered by tarps or plastic covers. Our mobile storage modules are built from aluminium and steel, which protects your household goods from any type of weather damage. They are also completely secure and lockable.

Upon delivery you are given 7 days to pack your module. If you require assistance we are more than happy to have someone come out and assist in the pack and load but it does incur a charge of $66.00 per hour. Once completed, we can collect the module and store it in our facility until you are ready for re-delivery.

Sydney Mobile Storage is one of the more affordable storage providers and this is just a little insight into what we can provide to you. For further information, please visit our mobile storage site.

We also are one of the few storage facilities that have temperature controlled storage units for customers’ wine/alcohol and special units with a 24/7 live cam feed just for artwork.

Palmers Relocations covers all bases for removals and storage and just from this small insight into our business, we’re sure you can see how well you will be looked after from the initial contact (email or call), up until the last tea chest is unpacked.