If you are moving homes, your chosen moving company will need to know the volume (size) of the move to be able to provide you with an estimated moving quote. The volume of 2- or 3-bedroom homes may vary significantly based on individuals, their habits, lifestyle, living arrangements, and the relocation cost.

In order to provide a professional service, an accurate quote, and a pleasant moving experience, we at Palmers Relocations provide obligation-free in-home and virtual surveys to learn more about the move. And what better way if not having an experienced home relocation specialist assessing the volume of the move for you?

Our moving consultant will arrive at the residence or connect virtually at a designated time to conduct a survey.
During the survey you will discuss:

  • What furniture, personal belongings, and white goods will require removal? If all furniture will be taken or some items will get sold or given away to friends and family. Information like this will make a difference in the end.
  • Suppose you have any sentimental, expensive, important, or fragile item(s) that require extra care or special packing/moving requirements. By letting consultants know about these items, it will allow preparing additional packing materials to ensure extra care and safety during transit.
  • Address of current and the new place. Is it an apartment or a house? Are there specific access requirements such as parking restrictions, and lift access requirements for either location? It will help to prepare for a smooth move and arrange for any additional equipment or permits if necessary.
  • It is also important that we know in advance specifics like narrow staircases, hallways, or elevators as it may affect the way how certain items will get moved. It may require dismantling in order to fit the item and to stay efficient, at Palmers Relocations, we can prepare for it.

Our consultant also can arrange transit insurance or offer storage solutions if required. Some clients after selling their homes or moving out of the rental home, decide to travel and need a place to store belongings until found their new home. We can accommodate such moving requirements and create a removal plan tailored to the needs and provide full door-to-door service and everything in between.

A survey is an excellent opportunity for clients to ask questions, discuss and negotiate additional services like vehicle or pet relocation, home exit cleaning or handyman services, packing and wrapping requirements, and what to expect on a moving day. Anything that will help prepare you and your family for the transition and put your mind at ease.

After the survey, we will assess the information and calculate the volume of the move, necessary truck size, the number of movers and packing materials, evaluate if additional equipment is necessary for efficiency, and send you a tailored quote for your move. There is a chance our quote can be cheaper or much higher than other removalists. It’s worth considering if other quotes took the specifics and volume of the move into account and charged accordingly or used an average estimate that may result in additional expenses later on.

If you would like to schedule an in-home or a video survey with us at Palmers Relocations, please fill out the form below and one of our consultants will be in touch shortly. Remember survey has zeroobligation to you but will provide you with important information and precise quote. We are moving and storage experts for over 40 years and we are more than happy to help you make the transition as easy and stress-free as possible.

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