Our Top Tips for Moving to the UK

Have you decided to relocate to greener pastures and greyer skies? For all of your relocation needs, Palmers can offer a helping hand. By air or by sea, we can organise the relocation of all your household goods with our trusted partners. We specialise in relocations to the UK, and have all the expertise required to make your transition a smooth one.

Air Freight

Air freight is the quickest way to ship your goods. Expected delivery time is between 7-10 days. This option is ideal for expatriates with low volume goods, or who need some necessities shipped to them very quickly. Palmers can take care of everything from the packing and sending off your goods, to delivery to your new front door in the UK.

Sea Freight and Groupage Consignments

At Palmers, we ship a lot of items by freight for those relocating internationally. We have options to suit your every need.

If you’re after a shipping container to pack up your entire home, we have you covered. We offer full container services, which involves collecting the container and loading up your goods at your premises. We then transport it to our depot, and arrange for its departure via ship. We also arrange to collect and clear the goods in the UK. Palmers can ship your goods within 6 years of your move to ensure duty-free clearance.

However, filling entire shipping containers isn’t possible for everyone. If you don’t have that many goods to transport, we also offer group consignment. This arrangement rests on the premise that “you pay for the space you use”. Basically, if you want to just send a few boxes over, we will pack it in a 40-foot container along with boxes from other clients, to ship over all at once. This service is offered at heavily competitive rates, and takes care of all the logistics. Avoid erroneous handling fees by taking advantage of our group consignment.


Yes, we really do offer everything. Don’t stress about how to relocate your family pet. Palmers has a trusted partnership with Dogtainers, who specialise in relocating your pets. They can even organise to have your pet on the same flight as you!

If you’re already organising your expatriation to the UK with us, ask about international pet moving services. We’ll be able to do all of the organising for you, ensuring that your family and your pets have the smoothest transition possible.

Why choose a moving company?

Relocating overseas is one of the most arduous tasks someone can undertake. The level of planning, industry knowledge and experience required in enormous. With the myriad of tasks involved in just moving yourself to a new place, like getting a visa, insurance and a new place, it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

With Palmers’ trusted partners in the UK, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of arranging movers at both ports, as well as a clearance agent on arrival. Owner-packed goods also tend to undergo more scrutiny and inspections, which can significantly delay the arrival of your belongings. Letting Palmers take care of relocating your household goods (and pets!) will take the weight off your shoulders in this process.

So what are you waiting for?
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