Moving companies will ask you how many cubic meters you would like to ship. This is because it is one of the most important pieces of information that is needed in order to provide you with an accurate moving quote.

In other words, the volume (number of cubic meters) you would like to move determines the size of the container or truck it requires and, of course, the costs. Let’s see if we can help you understand cubic metres (cbm) in this article to help you in understanding the volume of your move.

What is Exactly a Cubic Metre?

The Cubic Metre or Cubic Meter (or m3 / CBM) is the unit used to measure the space/volume taken by a cube of 1m x 1m x 1m. You can measure the volume of any object or furnishing using this method. It does not need to be a perfect square as long as you multiply the height x width x depth, you will get a measurement in CBM.

1 cubic meter

8 boxes of 50 x 50 x 50 = 1 cubic meter

Often moving boxes advertise themselves in litres and not in cubic meters. Don’t worry, there is a conversion between both systems and it’s easy. For instance, 1,000 litres equals one cubic meter.

1000 litres in CBM

20 boxes of 50L = 1 Cubic Meter

List of Most Popular Items

We have listed the most popular items that people move with their average volume. It gives you an idea of the space they will take in your container or truck.

  • Standard Moving Box (tea-chesT) – 0.12cbm
  • Bedside table – 0.15cbm
  • Television – 0.25cbm
  • Dining chair – 0.15cbm
  • Dining Table – 1cbm
  • Washing Machine – 0.5cbm
  • Chest of Drawers – 0.7cbm
  • Glass Cabinet – 0.8cbm
  • Armchair – 0.8cbm
  • Refrigerator – 1cbm
  • 2 seater lounge – 1.2cbm
  • 3 seater lounge – 1.5cbm

Why is it Important For Your move?


You need to know how many cubic meters you want to move. Indeed, as explained before, movers use this unit to provide a quote and to ship your goods. Not having an accurate measurement of the volume of your belongings can result in an additional cost on the day of your move.

A second important aspect is that it determines the size of the container you need. To know how much you can fit in a shipping container, have a look at our blog post here. We’ve covered all the information you need from a 20ft to a 40ft container.

At Palmers Relocations, we know it is not always straightforward to determine how many cubic meters you have. For this reason, we offer obligation-free in-home or online surveys. Our consultant will come to your home or have a video call to inspect/assess the volume room by room. In the end, the consultant will provide you with an accurate quote for your move.

If you are interested in scheduling an obligation-free survey for your local, interstate or international move, you can contact our team for an obligation-free in-home or virtual survey – here.