In this global pandemic, no one can truly say they have not been affected in at least some small way. Many optimists had hoped 2021 would see an end to covid-19 and whilst the vaccination is being rolled out, but it is a slow process.

We are seeing significant progress in the fight against the Coronavirus with vaccines rolling out in many countries. Still, COVID 19 is not yet behind us. We must still follow strict rules such as social distancing, quarantine as well as good hygiene in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

Despite the situation, people are relocating from their homes for an extensive number of reasons including moving back to their home countries to be closer to family, moving for work purposes or simply looking for a new lifestyle in light of the pandemic. We know moving house can be stressful and that was before adding in the extra stresses surrounding COVID 19.

We also understand that many people have questions about their move, the process and what is involved in these particular times. Some of you may just want to know if moving house is still possible or not. So, we have answered some of the main questions we have on moving house during covid 19 (Q&A).

Are Moving Companies Impacted by Coronavirus Restrictions?

Are Movin Companies Impacted by Coronavirus Restrictions

Moving Company in Australia during COVID-19

There are currently no restrictions on removal companies in Australia.

In other words, moving companies like Palmers Relocations can operate as normal.

The government has separated business into 2 categories; non-essential and essential service. At this time, removalists are listed as essential service (falling under the category transport and logistics). It means that we still can move your goods wherever you need including local, interstate or overseas moves.

Through utilising the rail network and sending shipments interstate in shipping containers, we avoid any unwanted issues with border closures as well.

At Palmers Relocations our offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are open for business and to assist with every step of your move. You can rest assured that we are operating under strict hygiene guidelines and are registered as “COVID safe”. More questions? Feel free to discuss with our team.

Can I Still Move House During the Pandemic?

Most of the time, yes, but a few nos apply.

This cannot be taken for granted as state and federal governments restrictions vary considerably. Indeed, it depends on how the virus spreads in Australia and overseas as well as if there is an outbreak and (new) restrictions in place.

That being said, at the time we write this article, you can move in most cases. We so, however, advise you to prepare your move a little bit more in advance than usual.

Indeed, you and your family will probably be required to apply for a permit, or in some circumstances, you will need to self-quarantine after your move especially if relocating interstate.

Moves overseas as residents or Australian citizens are rather different. You will need an exemption to leave the country. For more detailed info, visit the Home Affairs website as well as the government or health website of the country you are moving to.

Still, even during COVID 19 moving house either locally, interstate and internationally is possible. For more information, our team is always here to assist with any questions you may have.

Can I Still Move Locally During Coronavirus?

Yes, you can move home locally.

Moves in the same state or city are allowed. While at this point when moving house locally there are no specific restrictions, common sense and state guidelines apply such as social distancing, good hygiene and you might need to wear a mask depending on the state you live in.

Can I Move Interstate in Australia During COVID-19?

It depends on the state stage and border restrictions in place at the time of your house move.

Currently, most of the Australian states require a permit and/or a border pass to enter their territory. In other words, you will need to apply for a permit online, on the states’ website before entering a new state.

In addition, most of the states such as VIC, QLD, WA, South Australia and Northern Territory might require 14 days self-isolation/quarantine.

If you are unsure about the current coronavirus restrictions, seek the latest news or on the states’ website using the links below:

Can I Move Internationally During COVID 19?

Can I Move Internationally During COVID 19?

International Relocation during COVID-19

Yes, but you need an exemption first.

For moving house overseas, you will need an exemption from the Australian government. Since covid 19 pandemics started, Australia has banned overseas travel. This does not mean you can’t leave the country but it involves extra preparation for people who want to move their house.

If you are an Australian Citizen or a permanent resident, you need to refer to the checklist provided here. For instance, you can leave the country for work and permanent relocation to another country. Our team can help you with paperwork and provide evidence that you are moving overseas.

If you are temporary visa holders such as WHV, Sponsor Visa (457) etc… Those requirements do not apply to you. You are automatically granted an authorization to leave Australia (without exemptions). However, we strongly advise you to check the travel information and advice as well as border controls in your home country or the country you are moving to. Most, if not all of the countries around the globe have some kind of restrictions for people travelling such as total ban, quarantine etc…in order to reduce the spread of covid 19.

Check the government website for more details.

Can I Move From Overseas back into Australia During Covid 19?

Can I Move From Overseas back into Australia During Covid 19?

Moving from Overseas to Australia

Yes, but only if you are you and your family members are Australian citizens, residents or exemption category.

The same as with leaving Australia, there is a ban if you want to return home or migrate to the country. As removalists, we can import your goods anywhere in Australia, however, you will need to follow strict requirements for entering Australia, such as a mandatory quarantine and negative covid 19 test before flying.

Do I Need to Self Isolate When Moving House?

Local Moves: no – Interstate Moves: Potentially

  • Moving house locally: there are no quarantines in place for local moves.
  • Moving house interstate: currently, some restrictions with self-isolation are in place in QLD, VIC, SA and WA. There is no need to worry about your goods, however. As an essential service, we do not need to self isolate, which means that we can work on moving your home and personal effects as usual. For any questions regarding what you can or can’t do at the time your move is planned, you always can get in touch with our consultants. They will be able to provide you with the latest updates and rules.
  • Moving house overseas: if you are moving internationally, it’s important to read the international section above. Almost every country, if not all, have quarantines requirements upon entry on their territory. Sometimes, they have bans on who can enter such as Australia and most of the European countries for example. As a moving company, we are still able to collect your house goods and to ship your items worldwide.

Is it Safe to Move With a Relocation Company?

When moving with a removal company such as Palmers Relocations, we put your health and safety first.

When quoting, we can provide a virtual in house inspection with one of our consultants as an alternative to a face to face meeting if you are more comfortable with this.

As a registered Covid-Safe business, we also comply strictly with all regulation in place by Government Health Authorities. Our team practices social distancing on every move as well as extra hygiene steps such as hand sanitiser and facemasks where applicable.

In addition to this, we also ask our customers to play their part. This includes opening all doors both internally and externally before our arrival, opening windows prior to our arrival, turning on all lights in advance and ensuring we never have more than 2 x people in a room where possible.

All these steps help us make your move as safe as possible. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact our team for more information.

Disclaimer: Information in the blog post is not guaranteed as details about coronavirus change regularly without notice. You must follow the Australian government advice and/or the rules of the country you are moving to.