Moving House: Fixed Rates vs. Hourly Rates

Moving house comes with a myriad of costs. While most removal companies still employ the use of hourly rates, are fixed rates the way of the future?

The difference

When you hire professional removalists for anything from the most basic move to something with all the extras, you will often pay by the hour, or even by the half-hour. If the movers get the job done quickly, you could potentially save a few hundred dollars. However, there is no real incentive for removalists to work faster if they can earn more for going slower. Companies that charge above the quoted price are a persistent problem in the moving industry. Additionally, any unforeseen bumps or hitches in the process (and there is nearly always one) can hold up the process and drain your bank account.

Palmers Relocations has moved to a model of fixed rates, and is one of the only major players in Sydney to do so. These rates are informed by an inspection to determine how much furniture needs to be moved, and the distance it will travel. It also factors in extras that you may purchase, such as packing/unpacking and cleaning services.

The benefits of fixed rates

Knowing the price of your move well before the date alleviates the stress of not knowing how much you could end up being charged.
All moving specialists know to expect the unexpected. By going with fixed rates, you’re covered for any delays or issues: whether the movers are slowed down by moving a difficult piece of furniture, or by a bad weather or traffic jam that slows down the delivery truck, your rate remains the same.

Another benefit of Palmers’ fixed rates is that they allocate sufficient resources to your move. By inspecting the place first, they know whether to draft 2, 3, or 5 removalists on the job to get it done safely and efficiently. This decreases the chance of damage, loss or injury, and makes for a smoother moving day.

Overall, fixed rates are the better choice for budgeting purposes, efficiency and peace of mind.

What should I expect to pay for my move?

Rates can vary greatly depending on whether you’re going for a basic move in which the removalists simply deliver your boxes to your new home, or utilising extra services.

Palmers quote $1500 as the average price for a basic 2 bedroom house move, which sets it on par with competitor prices. Unlike many of our competitors though, no matter what circumstances change on the day, your quoted price will remain the same.

We understand that there is still so much to be done in the moving process even once our job is done. That’s why Palmers is committed to having all of your possessions delivered to your house by 2pm. This ensures that you still have a lot of time to get things sorted before settling in for the first night in your new home.

What extra services are on offer?

Palmers offer everything from a basic to a comprehensive move, depending on your needs and budget. The median price for a packing, unpacking and delivery service is around $4000, but we will give you a more precise quote once we’ve taken all mitigating factors into account.

We also offer a cleaning service to meticulously clean your new and old homes. The average price for this is $450, which is below industry rates. A “valet service” is also on offer, in which movers set up your home completely, down to making your bed for you!

Don’t take a chance on hourly rates. Get in touch with Palmers today to get a reliable, fixed rate for your next move.