Moving In Adelaide? Check Out The Top Removals Companies

Are you in Adelaide, and in need of a good removals company? While Palmers don’t operate a branch in Adelaide, we thought we’d give you our top picks for your home or office move throughout the city. Here is a list of some of the most trusted movers, based on positive customer feedback:

1. A2B Removals Group

A2B Removals Group is our top choice for Adelaide removals. They specialise in residential and office moves, as well as factory moves! They place a great emphasis on professionalism, and all of their work reflects this. They offer full removals services, which includes cleaning, packing and unpacking. A2B also use eco-friendly crates for the environmentally-conscious.

Their work is described as “above and beyond” expectation. For Diane, A2B “set the benchmark!” in completing her office move. Tracie was impressed with the sustained communication before and throughout the removals process, and “highly recommend[s] the Adelaide team”.

A2B Removals Group is a member of the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA). Visit their website or call them today on (08) 8242 3698.

2. Delco Removals

Delco Removals is an AFRA-accredited member, and has been in the business for over 20 years. They emphasise their focus on handling items with care and precision, and offering both a professional and personalised service. Delco deals with local and interstate removals, and offers comprehensive services: from free inspections, packing and moving, to exit cleans and short and long-term storage options.

A satisfied customer named Elizabeth notes that Delco “minimise the stress of moving”. Another customer, Jane, echoed these sentiments, calling the process “stress-free and seamless…we have used Delco 4 times in 15 years”. Sandie observes that the team were hardworking while remaining “friendly and cheerful”.

For a great customer service experience coupled with careful precision, call Delco Removals today on (08) 8326 5333.

3. Complete Removals

As its name suggests, Complete Removals offers all removals services, from cleaning, to packing and unpacking, and all the heavy lifting for all house and office moves. Complete Removals boasts 15,000 satisfied customers, uploading extensive feedback to their website. They place importance on customer satisfaction, transparency, and their proven track record.

A finance company based in the Adelaide CBD praised the “punctual, reliable, and professional ” nature of the company. For a residential move, a satisfied customer noted that the movers “arrived early and got busy right away”. Check out the reviews for Complete Removals, and call them on (08) 8358 0212 for a free quote.

4. Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations was founded in 1965 and operates across Australia. A member of AFRA, Crown Relocations is characterised by its global corporate brand. It offers local, interstate and international moves, tailoring their services to each individual customer. Crown Relocations offers domestic and commercial removals, as well as storage and pet transport.

One customer praises Crown for “completing [the job] with patience and humour” in a local move around Adelaide. Another characterises their services as “friendly and supportive”, while a customer relocating internationally thanks Crown for their “excellent relocations”, and “prompt” service.

To get in touch with Crown, you can reach them on 1300 363 916.

And those are our top choices! If you’re relocating in other states around Australia, don’t hesitate to give Palmers a call on 1300 363 916.