Moving anywhere can be a pain, let alone to a different country. If you’re deciding to make a move to a new place, you might have already realised that it’s no small feat. From all the documents you’ll need to acquire, to the various things you’ll need to move, it can be stressful! However, with this comprehensive and super simple checklist, you’ll be able to make any moving journey a breeze!

What To Do Before

Document Time

documents and books

The first (and arguably worst) step is to gather up to appropriate documents and get to the large amount of paperwork that is required to move overseas. Documents that you’ll need to start on this are:

  • birth certificates
  • social security cards
  • driving license
  • divorce papers
  • child custody papers
  • your marriage certificate
  • your passport

As well as these vital documents, any medical, dental, or school documents will be needed.

Don’t Forget The Pooch!

Move with your pet

Now that you’ve got the family all sorted out, it’s time to take care of your pets. The first thing that you’ll want to do is verify any requirements that your new home country has regarding moving pets, as some countries may have different restrictions than your home country. After that, you’ll need to get immunisation records, and finally get a pet carrier, to take your pet with you. We at Palmers Relocations view your pets like family and as such, go above and beyond to ensure they receive a smooth, happy and stress-free relocation. We do this through providing a dedicated pet consultant who will hold your hand through the moving process and ensure your pet receives the best transportation experience possible.

Planning Time

Calendar Date

Now, with all of your things in order, it’s time to plan out your move. You’ll want to make sure that you have a distinct and easy to follow the timeline for your move, including scheduling open houses, selling or renting your current house, travel time, and even easily forgotten things like storage. It’s also essential to have a clear and concise budget for your move in order to avoid any financial headaches afterwards. (or even during!)

Who To Notify

who to notify

Of course, when it comes to moving, you have a few people you’ll need to notify to keep your everyday life running smoothly. A list of people you should contact are as follows:

  • The Postal Service
  • Your Employer/Your Employees
  • Friends & Family
  • Any tax agency in your country and your new home country
  • Utilities, such as gas, electricity, and water. (To avoid a huge bill!)
  • The Embassy of your country
  • Your Bank
  • Any Insurance Provider

Notifying these people of your move overseas will not only help you greatly while you move, but it will also avoid any headaches that might occur along the way due to poor planning.


What To Do During

Get A Mover!

movers team

Now that everything planned out in a timeline, your budgets set, everyone has been notified of your move, and all of your records are in order, it’s time to pick a mover! Picking a mover is a very important decision in your moving process, and choosing the right one can save a lot of hassle in the long run. If you’re looking for quality service by experts, a good choice for a mover would be Palmers Relocations, an international moving service that will guide you through every step of the moving process! With services such as home searches to help cut through the red tape, to school searches to make sure the kids’ new home is as just a great fit as it is for you!

Vehicle Transportation

Car in a Container

Moving a car overseas can be a massive headache. From getting it registered in a different country, to figuring out how to physically move it, it can be very daunting! However, with a company like Palmers Relocations, the process can be made to be one of the easiest parts of the process! We will manage the administration and relocation process for any vehicle you may have, and with ease, making sure the car is both safe and ready for registration in your new home country!

Currency Exchange

ofx logo

Exchanging currency is a commonly forgotten pain when moving to a new country. Finding a new bank and transferring all of your currency can be overwhelming! However, Palmers Relocations has partnered with OFX to give you many benefits and discounts when using our services! This can help in the financial process of moving, especially with the numerous bank fees and transfer fees you’ll inevitably face.


Finally, it’s time to move in! With the help of your selected mover, you’ll be able to knock out all the hard parts quickly and efficiently. Once the moving is done and everything major is unpacked, then is the time to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, such as medical records or birth certificates.


What To Do After

Welcome Wagon

With your new home comes new neighbours, and a new chance to make a friend, so don’t be afraid to knock on your neighbours’ doors to introduce yourself!

Exploration Time

With everything in the house, all the electronics set up, and everything in order, now it’s time to explore! Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and see everything that your new home has to offer!

Once all of this is completed, congrats! You’ve successfully moved overseas! This is something that doesn’t come easy, so firstly, pat yourself on the back for getting through it! Now that you’ve taken care of all of your moving needs, you can get back to your daily life in a new and exciting environment!