Moving Out Of Your Parents House In Sydney

So the time has come where either you have decided to gain your independence and move out of home, or your parents have made the decision for you. Either way, you need to get prepared and start planning your move to make it as stress free as possible for both you and your parents. For the amount of 20-somethings we help move out of their parents home, we have just as many moving back in shortly afterwards. For this reason we’ve put together a quick guide for young Sydney siders who are planning on moving out in the most stress free way possible.

First off, try not to make a hasty decision when it comes to moving out of home. This is what usually leads to you knocking on your parents’ door a few months down the track with your tail between your legs. Take your time, talk to your friends who have already moved out and get a good understanding of what it involves, while picking up any tips they gathered on their journey.

Can You Afford To Move Out In Sydney?

This is the big question every 20-something year old has been asking themselves since the market boom and it doesn’t look like the prices are going down anytime soon. Keeping this in mind, it’s vital that you have saved enough money to comfortably pay for your initial bond payment, first and last months’ rent, and we recommend a couple of months of living expenses, in case you face any hiccups.

You also need to be honest about your lifestyle choices and how you will adapt when you move out of home. Sit down and plan out your finances, with rent, utilities and groceries to pay for yourself, our budget for nights out will dramatically decrease from when you were at home.

One of the most important factors when considering your budget is your location and how many people you are willing to live with. A one bedroom apartment in Bondi or anywhere in the east will set you back quite a lot. For this reason many uni students and young professionals are flocking to the inner west where rent is quite cheap in comparison, without compromising your distance from university or your favourite city night spots.

Living With New People In Sydney

Whether you are living in a share house in the inner west or a 3 bedroom apartment by the beach, it’s important that you create a pleasant living environment for your housemates. Remember, these people aren’t your family; they will have a shorter fuse when it comes to you leaving a mess around the house or keeping them up all night.

If you aren’t moving in with your friends, it’s important to make sure that you are similar enough with your new flatmates so that you can live in peace. The best way to see if they’re the right fit is to be open and honest. Ask them about having guests over, parties, pets, the washing up and smoking before you move in to avoid awkward conversations and conflict.

Once you have found the right group of people to live with, it’s important that you keep up your end of the deal. Don’t get a reputation of a nightmare house mate. Keep your hands off your house mates groceries and grog and try to keep your showers quick when everyone’s getting up for class and work. Nowadays, tenants use Facebook and Gumtree to find places, so word can spread if you aren’t easy to live with. A lack of courtesy will hurt your chances of finding a new place if the current one doesn’t work out. Keep on top of your laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning and bin night the same way you expect your house mates to do when it’s their turn.

Enjoy Living Out Of Home In Sydney

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You’re finally out of home, so enjoy it! Take this time to explore parts of the city you never have before and meeting new people. By putting yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll have no choice but to socialise and make friends that you never thought you’d make. Some of them will be nightmares and some of them will be friends that you’ll keep well after you move out. By being honest with your finances and keeping up with your chores and house rules you’ll have no problems.

Affordable Moving Services In Sydney

If you’re a student or young professional moving out of your parents’ home, you will understandably be on a budget and looking for affordable and reliable removalists who will insure the safety of your belongings and their prompt arrival. If you are planning on moving in Sydney, give Palmers Relocations a quick call on 1300 363 916 for a friendly chat and a free quote for your requirements.